Are you ready for us ?

Welcome to our first blog!
This blog is a really important step for us because it means connecting with our community. We don't just want to sell you clothes and accessories, we want to share our thoughts, ideas and feelings. We want you to get to know the REAL us--our interests, our passions, our goals.
This platform will allow us to engage with all of you in a way that counts--intellectually! No sugar coating, no beating around the bush; this blog will be as real as it gets. We'll be sharing our thoughts on an array of topics, along with other professionals in the health industry; such as the environment, health and wellness, society, relationships--if we feel it, we're writing about it! In return, we want you guys to get involved too! Drop us a line at if you want our thoughts on a topic that moves YOU. 
So sit back, sign up and enjoy the reads.
Peace and love,
Anna & Nishia