Can The Venus Project Save Humanity?

When we open up our televisions, launch our internet browsers or log onto our Facebook accounts, we are confronted with the harsh reality that humans will most likely enter a massive sh*t storm in the near future, potentially leading us to the end of mankind and this beautiful planet we call Earth. We have become so disconnected with Mother Nature and all her living beings, it’s not hard to see why humans are the cause of all that is wrong with this planet. Most of us live out our lives with this false sense of entitlement, as if the world is responsible for owing us, as opposed to us serving the planet we've been lucky to live on for so many years. Planet Earth is dying all around us on a scale not seen since the annihilation of the dinosaurs, yet our biggest problem is deciding between the liberal and conservative party? Politics have never been the solution to any of our real problems. We're missing the big picture here—where will we go once we’ve killed everything and sucked this planet dry? How will we overcome human greed and corruption? Can your political party help fix any of this? Probably not.

Enter Mr. Jacque Fresco. If you haven’t already heard of him, you’re about to have your faith in humanity restored. About ten years ago, when all I did was spend endless nights watching YouTube videos and documentaries about conspiracy theories, I began to wonder how I could save the world. As you can see, my dreams of ‘making a change’ started way before we launched Kallula Apparel. I fell upon this inspiring man named Jacque Fresco, regarded as an ‘American Futurist,’ who also happened to be a self-taught scientist, architect and inventor, and launched a project called ‘The Venus Project.’ I remember watching the documentary called ‘Future By Design,’ and just being in awe with the efficiency and feasibility he presents in his vision for our future. It was so beautiful and well thought out.

In Jacque Fresco’s vision, we are presented with a world where war is obsolete—can you even imagine that anymore? The Venus Project also offers an abundance of natural resources, environmental conservation and global sustainability. He presents us with a society that is built to give us what we need as opposed to feeding us new wants and desires. A society where there is no poverty and we are all equal. 

Today, Jacque Fresco is 100 years old, residing in Florida where he continues to do his research with his associate Roxanne Meadows. If you are interested in this man’s works and visions I highly encourage you to visit him and his team at their Florida Research Center, where they offer seminars and tours every Saturday. You’ll have the opportunity to interact with these outstanding visionaries and experience The Venus Project, live. It’s definitely a stop of mine on my next trip down south. If you can't make it to Florida but want to help, you can donate to their cause, directly on their website.

Thank you for all your work Mr. Fresco, you've given us some hope.

Peace & Love,
Anna & Nishia