Change your mind. Lose weight.

Loosing weight is a very common goal for many people. During my own weight-loss journey, I was able to reflect on what contributed to my weight-loss. I then took the opportunity to document everything I had learned and share it with all those who want to embark on a similar healthy and happy journey. 
Here are some simple steps to get you started:
1. Mind set
How can you go from where you are right now to the person you want to be? Weight-loss is NOT an easy task for anyone; success doesn't happen over night. Like everything else in life, it is a process that consists of taking small steps towards a set goal, over a certain length of time. Aside from just losing weight, you are seeking to feel comfortable in your own skin. You want to feel healthy, energetic, powerful and alive! The foundation to any success story begins with setting an intention, deciding what you want and WHY you want it. When something feels frightening, difficult or out of our comfort zone, we tend to take the easy way out with unrealistic diets or even starvation! Success means extending yourself beyond your perceived limits. It's about growth, change and doing the things you find uncomfortable and overcoming them. Break the bad habits, and change what you associate pleasure and pain to. If you find it painful to exercise, the only option to change that would be to exercise more, consequently making it part of your norm, your routine. Find a way that makes physical activity fun for you; dance, play a sport, find something active that you enjoy. The same concept goes for food. Work with yourself to change how you feel about eating foods that add those extra pounds. Experiment with whole foods to satisfy those unhealthy cravings. Committing yourself is a state of mind- and the things we can achieve with our minds are limitless. Stay determined, motivated, and you WILL have the power to overcome any obstacle and reach that healthy goal of yours!
2. Set a goal
Make a plan and stick with it. Setting a specific goal will help you determine how far you've come in your journey and how much more there is to go. By doing this, you will also increase your chances of being successful, because you will then realize the amount of effort that's going to be required, before you actually start your journey and the amount of work remaining to reach your goal. 
3. Its all in what you eat
Always make changes gradually. Changing your eating habits is not easy- in fact, it's really difficult. Begin with a slow pace and have realistic expectations for yourself. Start by having a good understanding of food, and what you're putting into your body. This will give you insight and possibly help you in whipping up a healthy and balanced meal, leaving you you happy and satisfied. Make it a point to cook more at home, this way you know precisely what you're eating. If you can take it a step further, PLAN your meals ahead of time. Planning and preparing your meals means you are taking the time to bring awareness to the meals you are preparing, thus helping you to make more thought out decisons. 
4. Love yourself
Always be kind to yourself and remember that you're seeking improvement, not perfection. 

Peace & love,
Anna & Nishia