Have You Heard Of Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary?

Ari the pig from Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary

If you haven’t realized it yet, we’re crazy animal lovers, so it was no surprise when we decided to choose Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary as one of Kallula Apparel’s charities. As most of you know, 5% of our online sales go to carefully selected charities, and our job wouldn’t be complete if we couldn’t help as many animals in the world as we could.

Who are they?

Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary (WFAS) launched in 2004, when it was nothing more than an empty hay field. The goal was to build a refuge for farm animals, a place for them to live out the rest of their lives happily and peacefully. Founded by Jenny Brown and Doug Abel, their desire to help farm animals is what initiated this organization. They began with a small group of rescued chickens and a rooster, but began to grow rapidly. Today WFAS is a full-blown sanctuary, with two barns, five chicken coops, two cattle sheds, a poultry shed, an animal medical treatment room and a visitor center.

Why do we love them?

What is there not to love about a sacred space that respects and cares for our beloved co-habitants? Absolutely nothing. Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary’s mission is to rescue and rehabilitate abused and/or neglected farmed animals. They never take in any animal that they know they cannot take care of for the duration of its natural life, though they do sometimes adopt animals to strictly vetted homes. Administrative manager, Susan Manella says, “Our mission also includes teaching the general public about where their food comes from and the effects of animal agriculture on the environment and the animals.” WFAS has rescued hundreds of farm animals from cruel and abusive environments. Ultimately, this sanctuary becomes a second chance at life for these animals.

Why should you visit WFAS?

At Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary, you get to be up close and personal with most of the animals. You’ll have a tour guide who will provide you with a brief overview of the animal in question, describing where they came from, as well as a very graphic explanation of what the animal experienced before being rescued by the sanctuary—no sugar coating. These animals usually arrive here in the worst conditions possible and the staff works really hard to rehabilitate them and provide them with a happy life, instead of being slaughtered at a young age for the sake of someone’s lunch. So as you may have guessed, yes, they are pro vegetarian/vegan and they are clear in promoting this way of life. For those who may take this to offense, remember the job the sanctuary has at hand, and try to understand why they would promote a meatless lifestyle in the first place, before getting your feathers all ruffled up. In essence, WFAS exists because of the cruel things the meat industry does to animals and so you shouldn't expect anything less from these tours.

It's important to educate people on where meat comes from and the consequences of the meat industry. Seeing and interacting with these animals first hand, offers people the opportunity to experience a deeper level of compassion towards animals, and we are proud to be affiliated to such a loving and respectful organization.

Peace & Love, 
Anna & Nishia