Integrating Health & Wellness into Daily Life

(Left to right) Stella Artuso and Danielle Levy
We’ve all been there, we set out an intention to “get healthier”; we purchase a membership at the local gym, try the newest yoga challenge or jump into a detox/juice fast. Rarely do such endeavors have lasting impacts and we find ourselves back at square one until the next health craze catches our attention. This cycle not only reflects culture’s addiction to “quick fixes” it also demonstrates the challenges behind creating behavioural change. We are creatures of habit and not only does our outside world influence our decisions, so does what’s going on inside of us.

Any sustainable lifestyle change comes from making small, yet impactful changes we can make each day - learning different ways to integrate healthy self-care habits into lives, holistically and realistically.

Sounds like your way of making a change? Enter Stella Artuso (Yoga teacher) & Danielle Levy (Registered Nutrition Practitioner), Their aim? To share their passion, knowledge, and experience of healthy living - through yoga, meditation, and nutrition. They guide, inspire and empower people toward developing a healthier, more balanced life that is optimal for them, emphasising the importance of going slow, and being present through this process of creating change - so the experience is enjoyable and sustainable.

If you’re in or around Montreal on July 8th, you’re in luck! These health warriors are holding a one-day workshop exploring yoga, meditation, and nutrition at HAVEN Creative Space. The workshop will allow you to:

● Connect to your body, breath and settle your mind with an alignment based yoga practice, breath awareness and moments of stillness

● Be guided through a meditation to invite the present moment; cultivating being rather than doing

● Explore the foundations of a whole food plant-based nutrition

● Discover how to prepare simple, delicious and nutritious snacks & desserts

Stella and Danielle will provide participants with tangible tools and inspiration to help you develop healthier habits, breaking down the “barriers” around living and eating in a more conscious, holistic way and creating links with your community.

Interested? So are we! Get your tickets HERE.

Peace & Love, 
Anna Cioffi