Kundalini Awakening—What’s It All About?

When we refer to ‘Kundalini’, we are referring to a potent flow of energy that originates at the base of your spine and rises to the crown of your head. It is said that this energy can be used to help you lead a more fulfilling life, thus affecting your relationships, your health, your mood and more. However kundalini energy is generally dormant, so in order to tap into this energy, it has to be woken up. Anyone can awaken their kundalini energy if they choose to do so.

Is awakening your kundalini a good thing? Yes and no, depending on the individual.Raising your root chakra energy, awakening to higher levels of consciousness, is also known as kundalini rising, and it has the potential to positively and negatively affect an individual. Traditionally, people believed that this awakening could only be triggered through the practice of yoga, but that’s not necessarily true. An awakening can also be sparked by other events in your life, such as intense energy work, drug use, sexual experiences, abuse or trauma.

The benefits of kundalini rising, simply put, could be the most beautiful and life altering experience. After some research, I can now understand why ultra religious folks believe that yoga is the work of the devil (joke). Awakening your kundalini basically forces you to face the music, to deal with a universal truth, and to let go—let go of everything that does not serve you, now that the picture of life has been made so clear for you. Some symptoms consist of experiencing a deeper level of empathy toward others (in an almost telepathic sort of way), greater sensitivity, higher energy levels and sometimes even psychic abilities. Ageing can also appear to slow down and creativity has been said to increase. At the end of it all, you just get this feeling of being all knowing; almost as though you’ve unlocked the mysteries of life. It’s pretty intense.

The not so good side of awakening your kundalini, is really the aftermath of your inner demons, so to speak, or the negative energy in your body. When you aren’t prepared to receive this awakening, you generally have a difficult time dealing with all of its effects. Some side effects include hallucinations, a vibrating sensation, fear or paranoia, anxiety, fever or chills, sudden pain, and the list goes on. This experience is referred to as the ‘Kundalini Syndrome’ and it is related to harmful energetic responses within the body. What that means is, the only way to fix it is through your own energy healing, from within you, as no Western doctor will be able to help you through this process. Energy healing practices such as yoga or meditation could help address the negative energy within your body.

Awakening your kundalini can be quite a long and challenging road. Focus on opening the chakras one at a time, at a steady pace, so that you are prepared to experience kundalini rising in a safe way. Throughout this experience, remember that it is vital to surrender to the process—it makes all the difference.


Peace & Love,
Anna & Nishia