Pit Bull Ban—Motivated By Facts Or Laziness?

If you’re a dog owner, you probably already know that Montreal has passed a breed specific legislation (BSL) banning all pit bulls on the island. Those who already own pit bulls are being forced to muzzle their dogs, prove that they don’t have a criminal record, walk their dogs on shorter leashes, microchip them and make their pooches wear tags with a special permit. 

According to Montreal’s mayor, Denis Coderre, he is protecting his community by doing so, as he believes this constitutes as a public safety issue. But what does this mayor really know about pit bulls, or even dogs for that matter? Clearly, not much, as the law he put into place was simply a reaction fueled by fear, with zero facts involved. The people of Montreal have voiced their concerns with numerous protests, criticizing the mayor for his irrational and uneducated decision, yet Montreal courts still allowed the ban to go through.

According to dog trainer John Truss, BSL is just “a Band-Aid solution to a bigger problem.” Explaining that the problem really stems from inexperienced breeders looking to gain a quick buck and bad and/or neglectful owners. He goes on to state that even if it were possible to eliminate all pit bulls, “bad owners are still going to be bad owners and will likely get another breed of dog that is far more dangerous than any pit bull.” So why are we targeting the inherently innocent dogs, when we know where the problem stems from? The answer is, ignorance and laziness. It’s much easier to take candy away from a child, than to teach a child not eat candy, isn’t it?

Here are some entertaining statistics. CAA states that 7500 cyclists get seriously injured on the road every year. That means you are way more likely to die in a bicycle accident than by a dog bite. That being said, if banning pit bulls is simply an issue of public safety, then Mr. Coderre could certainly save a lot more lives by banning bicycles than by banning pit bull type dogs.

Even renowned dog trainer (a.k.a dog whisperer) Cesar Millan confirms that dog aggression is not breed specific. “Dogs don’t think, they react, and that includes pit bulls,” Millan said. “It’s just the pit bull is a very powerful breed, but that power can be harnessed into something positive.” 

So, Mr. Coderre, here is what us pit bull owners want to tell you. You are fueling our community with fear and a lot of ignorance. You are making decisions which ultimately affect the lives of these poor dogs and and their loving and responsible owners too. Your law is unethical and shows a lack of interest in looking at documented facts, which leads most of us to question, how do you make other decisions as the mayor of this city? These dogs which you and your associates deem as ‘dangerous’ are in fact loving and very loyal beings, and to many of us, they are family too.

Looking forward to seeing you riding your bike this summer.

The owners of a pit bull named Milo,
Anna & Nishia