The truth about abdominal training

One of the main issues in training is that too many people focus on just abdominal exercises and then fail to get the proper results. Countless crunches every week, hours wasted because the results just don’t show. Does this sound like you?

First and foremost, to get a proper and lean look, with great abs, the major key lies in WHAT YOU EAT! If your diet consists of unhealthy food, you can work your abdominals all you want, they will never show. They get stronger lying deep under the fat, but they won’t be noticed. Eating clean and healthy will start you off on a good path and will allow you to see that major difference in your body. This is your STARTING POINT!

Your abs need the back to be solid and the back needs the abs to be strong. One of the reasons why many people experience back issues is due to weak abdominals. The body is fully interrelated and therefore the front and back need each other to operate and function in a healthy and strong matter. If you go back hundreds of years when most people had strong abdominals, they ate what nature provided and physically worked hard, with major compound movements. They lifted, pushed and pulled weights all day long. Therefore, if we know this, then we know that the human body responds well on what is was designed to do, which is functional movements.

Here are some key exercises that will work out your abs and give you those lines you've been searching for:

1. Overhead Lifts

One of the easiest and most effective means of strengthening the abs is by utilizing overhead lifts- stand up without a belt, and start performing. Raising weights above one's head, raises the body's center of gravity, and the body is now challenged to re-stabilize and forces the full trunk (front and back) to work hard and contract practically every muscle of that region, including every muscle of the body; a terrific core exercise.

2. One-Arm Lifts

These lifts are a challenge, but provide great rewards, and can also be performed with a dumbbell. One-arm lifts are phenomenal because they require a great amount of body control. Challenging the body as a whole on a consistent basis is a great way to develop a good looking, strong and healthy physique.

3. Picking Up Weights

One of the workouts I enjoy having my clients do, is picking up heavy objects from the ground. This consists of picking up heavy weights or objects and having them carry it from one place to the other. When you stop to think about all the muscles required to lift a heavy object from the floor, it's quite amazing. Can you remember the last time you moved furniture and then had your back hurting for days? Well it shouldn't! Picking up a weight from the floor is primal, but so weak in our current society.

If you are not experienced, then you will want to start light and in a range of motion that is comfortable. You do not have to go very heavy to reap the benefits of these lifts. This is a phenomenal body exercise and these techniques are not difficult to learn and leads to fun variations.

The idea of not spending hours on abdominal training may seem somewhat foreign and strange to most. However, it is impossible to become proficient in such lifts without increasing abdominal strength. They should be developed through the use of all the above mentioned exercises, because they burn a great amount of body fat and employ a great amount of muscles. Everyone get's their best body composition through staying focused, and hard functional work. Remember, you got this!


Mauro Simonetti, N.D.,, PICP 2, BioSignature 2