Blue Zones Can Increase Life Span

The average life expectancy is 65 years old. That makes absolutely no sense. We always come up with fanciful ideas as to why the universe let's one person live and takes another; I fall back on the environment we live in and what we consume.
What are blue zones? It's a concept used to identify a geographic and/or demographic area of the world where people live longer than the average expectancy. What's longer? They reach an age of 100 years old or more. But aging is a complex process, and while many of the body's genes begin to deteriorate once we hit 40 years old, research suggests that there are plenty of ways to slow down the process. Longevity expert Farid Wassef, author of Breaking the Age Barrier examines aging from a variety of perspectives: historical, genetic, and nutritional.
Eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, socializing, and your environment, all play an important role in your everyday life. Embrace a peaceful simple life and shut down stress by having confidence in yourself to deal with things as they come. Stress is now linked to just about every health problem out there, so it's important to find undisturbed time in your day for quiet reflection. This helps you find your centre, strengthen your spirituality, and reduces harmful stress. Exercising regularly is also crucial in living a healthy balanced life, so find time in your day to move. Take a walk, dance, whatever it takes to keep your body going. Turn your community and work into places that give you natural ways to move; focusing on activities you love like gardening, or playing with your dog. Socializing and connecting with family and friends also gives you a reason to live. Centenarians generally don't stay isolated because loneliness can weaken the immune system. Involve yourself in a community or volunteer for a cause you find important and allow yourself to interact with what gives your life meaning. 
Blue zones generally have the same trends. They eat plant-based diets, live in walkable communities and their lives are imbued with purpose. Nowadays, our food environment is our biggest challenge. We can't walk out of our house without having temptation and being cofronted with cookies, sodas and fast food restaurants; we live in an environment of abundance and ease. The onus to stay healthy is mostly put on individual responsibility. So it's up to US to make the right choices instead of bad ones. 
Check out the top 5 beautiful blue zones in the world:

Greece, Ikaria
Japan, Okinawa
Italy, Sardinia
Costa Rica, Nicoya Peninsula
California, Loma Linda

Peace & love,
Anna & Nishia