What defines YOU ?

Most of us live a life full of luxury. A lifestyle of owning things we don't really need. But what if we tried living as minimalists? If we only bought what we needed, in exchange for a much simpler existence.

As much as we like our stuff, whatever they may be, they really aren't a part of us. Being able to de-clutter and simplify is all it really takes, and minimalism isn't a radical lifestyle. There's greater value from experiences than there is in buying material things. Try to give yourself a clear goal with broken-down steps that are attainable. Don't just write down the goal, write down WHY you want to live more minimalistic. Anything that means something to YOU.

As someone who has tried many times to live simple, minimal and mindful, I can assure you, we all acquire stuff at impressive speeds. This is habitual behaviour- what has now become human nature to many. So don't give up on your quest to better yourself, your life. Just start over. Breathe in. Let it go. Keep trying.

Here are 4 steps on living a minimalistic life:

1- Ask yourself "do I really need this?"

2- Be a re-user

3- Train yourself to live with less

4- Forgive yourself and keep trying


Peace & love,
Anna & Nishia