Yoga And Body Love

Every time we look through magazines, there is an influx of skinny or malnourished women, portrayed as ‘fit and healthy’. These women, most of which do not even look exactly the way they are portrayed (thanks to softwares like Photoshop), are what mainstream media suggests we women should strive to look like. Why? Because at some point in time, society decided that skinny was the new sexy.

If we go back a few decades, some of the most beautiful women, were curvaceous, voluptuous women, with child bearing hips. These were traits to be proud of, not embarrassed of, yet we find them to be generally unaccepted in our modern day beauty standards. When did we allow this to happen? And most importantly, why did we allow this to happen?

Now these unhealthy standards have been extended to what was thought to be the most non-judgmental community of all: yoga. Why is it so difficult for women sizes 12 and up to find activewear? It would pain me to see these very same women come to my hot yoga classes wearing baggy sweatpants or cotton leggings. How the hell are we supposed to encouraging women to adopt a healthier lifestyle, if we can’t even offer them the proper active attire? It always baffled me that brands that create activewear, would solely create pieces for skinny women—how does that make any sense? Instead of targeting the women who may need the motivation (not to say that every woman doesn’t deserve to be motivated), we are only targeting skinny women, who already have an abundance of options in the fashion industry—an industry that seems to only cater to them. This was one of the biggest reasons my sister and I thought offering up to size 18 in select styles from our collection, would be the right thing to do. 

So, I decided to dedicate this blog to all the badass, strong, plus size women in the yoga community, by listing a few of them below. These ladies don't only excel in their practice, but are also strong advocates for body love and acceptance.

Jessamyn Stanley @mynameisjessamyn
From North Carolina, 27 year old Jessamyn released a book called Every Body Yoga: Let Go Of Fear. She is a certified yoga teacher and has been profiled and/or featured in a wide range of media outlets, including Good Morning America, New York, Glamour, Shape and People, just to name a few.

Dana Falsetti @nolatrees
She is the epitome of body love. An international yoga teacher, Dana is a resource for body positive yoga. She is an advocate for living an authentic life that begins with self-care and isn’t afraid to reveal her raw self to her followers. With 282k followers on Instagram, it’s clear her message inspires the masses.

Valerie Sagun @biggalyoga
A 200hr Hatha yoga teacher, Valerie coined the hashtag #SelfLovingYogis to share her inspirational message of self-love to the world. Based out of the San Francisco Bay Area, her yoga practice is about learning to love yourself physically and mentally through yoga.

Peace & Love, 
Anna & Nishia