Your Thoughts Control Your Outcome

A few years back, a video was circulating around social media of a young girl named Jessica, standing on her bathroom counter, looking at herself in the mirror and telling herself all the great things she has in her life. You can check out the video here. This is what a self-affirmation looks like—maybe not the exact way you need to recite your affirmations, but you get the drift.

Our words are so powerful, many of us don’t realize how much of an effect they have on our every day lives. Positive words have positive effects and negative words unfortunately have negative effects. These words are linked to our thoughts and our thoughts have a very big influence on our outcomes. This can be seen in medical studies where people are given placebos versus actual treatments. Handing over a ‘miracle’ pill to a patient and telling them they will be cured, has been shown to produce positive results. But then there’s the ‘nocebo’ effect, which is the opposite of the placebo effect. The patient is given this same ‘miracle’ (placebo) pill that has zero side effects, but is told otherwise; that this pill has severe potential side effects. In this case, the results differ, and the patient expresses he/she is experiencing these said side effects, when in reality the treatment did nothing of the sort, and the side effects were self-inflicted. Our minds are so powerful, and frankly, quite impressive.

So what happens when you start your day off by reciting a few positive sentences? A lot of great things! Morning affirmations are positive thoughts and affirmative beliefs and they are aimed to affect your conscious and subconscious mind. Consequentially, they calm your body, release stress and give you large doses of confidence and happiness. And let’s be honest, starting your morning on a positive note, would really set the tone for the day, wouldn’t it?

Here are a few lines to read to yourself every morning to make sure your day starts off right:

I am feeling healthy and strong today
I am beautiful, charming and graceful
I am powerful and indestructible
I have wonderful family and friends
I have what it takes to become very successful
I forgive anyone who has hurt me and I am detaching from them
I am bigger than negative thoughts and actions
I am happy and content with my life

You can read these in your head, out loud, or yell it out in front of the mirror, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you keep reciting and believing in these positive affirmations to set yourself up for success!

Peace & Love,
Anna & Nishia