About Us

Two Montreal yogi sisters, Anna and Nishia Cioffi, with the common goal of making a difference, decided to create a lifestyle brand called Kallula Apparel. As animal lovers and humanitarians, they began to think of ways they'd be able to contribute to their community and to the world. Kallula Apparel was created to help pay it forward, on a larger scale. If every person could do something good for someone else, then the cycle of generosity and kindness could spark everyone to become a better version of themselves. They wanted to create a community where people worked together to make things happen. 

As outdoor enthusiasts, yoga students and teachers, they always looked for functionality, fit and style in their activewear. It was important for them to be able to offer clothing that flattered every woman's curves, and most importantly that worked in and out of a hot yoga room. In November 2016, their vision came to life and they launched Kallula Apparel; a lifestyle brand offering clothing for every body, with select styles going up to size 18. The goal here was to encourage people of all shapes and sizes to begin adopting a more active lifestyle.

 Anna and Nishia created a purpose-driven company that serves as an extension of their goals, values and lifestyle, and also affirms their commitment to quality, honesty, passion, and innovation. With every purchase made on Kallula Apparel’s website, find comfort in knowing that 5% of their online sales are donated to carefully selected charities, allowing the shoppers to be apart of the change Kallula Apparel is trying to make.